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Optimizing TV campaigns with Unified Marketing Measurement (UMM)

Find out why the ROAS for TV was 256% higher than assumed by the previous solution.

Case Study Insights

  • Spring is an online men's health platform that offers 24/7 advice and treatment on issues such as erectile dysfunction and hair loss.
  • Spring deliberately chose TV as its main advertising channel to promote its men's health services. In this context, the TV commercial "Der Hängebock", produced in collaboration with Jung von Matt/Havel, was launched in August.
  • In the end, the decisive factor for the cooperation with the measurement and optimization provider Adtriba was their Unified Marketing Measurement (UMM) solution.

You will also learn about

  • Adtriba's UMM solution allows the holistic evaluation of TV advertising impact. This means the automated combination of performance and branding effects in one measurement model.

  • The initial results made it clear that TV as an advertising channel that should not be viewed in isolation.

  • Spring was also able to find out that the 9-minute TV attribution time window defined by the existing solution, during which the effect of the TV spot was measured, was too short. They were able to detect significantly more first time accesses and conversions.