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Future-Proof Marketing Measurement and Optimization

Analyze the real impact of all your marketing activities. Receive better performance from your campaigns and allocate marketing budget with confidence. 

Evaluate marketing holistically and take the guesswork out of budget allocation.

Numerous brands from e-commerce, media, finance and mobility sectors use Adtriba’s software today to evaluate marketing performance and increase marketing ROI.

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How it works


data collection

Once set up, Adtriba automatically collects all relevant data in one place.




Advanced statistical models and machine learning are applied to evaluate performance.




Receive concrete insights and unbiased recommendations for budget allocation and strategic alignment.


No more silos

Say goodbye to partial analytics.

Start measuring your marketing activities full circle.


  • Social
  • Display
  • Paid search
  • Organic search
  • Affiliate
  • Email


  • TV
  • Print
  • Out of home
  • Store sales
  • External factors
  • ... and more

Why Adtriba?

A full-circle data-driven approach to marketing measurement.

Simplify reporting and analytics

Get holistic insights across all channels and marketing activities in one place – online and offline including social and tv.

Stop wasting advertising spend

No more over-simplified models or incomplete evaluation. Get reliable results reflecting actual performance.

Reduce complexity and make better decisions

Let AI do the heavy lifting and get a clear understanding of your marketing activities. Optimize budgets accordingly and boost ROAS.

Take back control with independent insights

Say goodbye to partisan analytics within platforms biased towards their own touchpoints and assess the actual effectiveness of all marketing activities and their correlations.

Save time and ressources without compromising on results

Accelerate budget shifts with user-friendly, adaptable and fully automated analytics and outperform your competition.

Get first results quickly and accelerate

Adtriba’s solutions are integrated and ready to use with just a few clicks. Receive first insights and recommendations within a few weeks and start optimizing your activities.


Future-poof marketing measurement & optimization

Adtriba Core

Multi-Touch Attribution & UMM

Adtriba Core is a data-driven multi-touch attribution (MTA) software, leveraging machine learning algorithms (ML) for precise analysis of customer journeys.
  • Multiple marketing channels
  • Ad spend >100k/month
  • Need for in-depth analytics

Additional UMM (unified marketing measurement) features allow integration of aggregated data from offline channels, social platforms and tv and measure their impact on customer journeys.

Adtriba Core delivers detailed customer journey reporting with accurate attribution and provides full disclosure of performance data on campaign level.

  • You need analytics and reporting to be easier, more precise and less time-comsuming
Adtriba Sphere

Marketing Mix Modelling

Adtriba Sphere is an AI-powered software for Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) operating solely on aggregated data.
  • 2+ marketing channels
  • Google Analytics
  • Ad spend approx. >30k/month

It does not require a complex tracking infrastructure and provides optimum-scenario planning and forecasting.

Adtriba Sphere delivers elaborate insights on the performance of marketing channels and shows how to optimize budget allocation accordingly.

  • You need recommendations and reliable forecasts to make confident decisions and plan ahead

Adtriba continuously improves our digital marketing performance through cross-channel marketing attribution.

Alexander Holm

Director Online Marketing & Customer Analytics

Die Zeit

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