AI-Powered Marketing Decisions


The simplest and easiest to use attribution system to optimize your marketing performance.


  • Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.

    John Wannamaker

Solving Cross-Channel Marketing

Different channels, different dashboards, and duplicate tracking of conversions. On top of that: Antiquated last-click attribution leading to flawed marketing decisions and wasted ad spend.

Adtriba makes customer journey analysis easy and eliminates complexity: Aggregating all cross-channel data and using data-driven attribution models lead to optimized marketing performance.


Data-Driven Attribution Modeling

1. User Journeys

Integrating all marketing contacts, converting and non-converting journeys, to get a holistic, cross-channel perspective.

2. Machine Learning

Attribution Modeling through machine learning algorithms to determine actual performance of all campaigns.

3. Insights & Actions

Understanding cross-channel CPA and ROAS lead to increased marketing effectiveness.

Cross-Channel Marketing Reporting

 Always know exactly which channels and campaigns are working, and which don’t.

 Get alerts and optimization suggestions, conduct scenario- and what-if-analysis.


Customer Journey Analytics

 Holistic customer journey analysis, find out how your customers interact with your marketing campaigns and what the customer flow is.

 In-depth insights into your customer journeys’ effectiveness and cross-channel effects.

TV- and Offline-Ad Attribution

 Simply integrate your TV ads and measure their effectiveness, including branding effects.

 Understand where in the customer journey TV- and offline-ad interaction takes place.


  • With Adtriba, our digital marketing performance is constantly improving through cross-channel marketing attribution.

    Alexander Holm
    Alexander HolmDirector of Online Marketing and Customer Analytics, Die Zeit
  • Adtriba enables us to understand and optimize our customer journeys better than ever.

    Martin Simon
    Martin SimonOnline Marketing Manager, Lekker
  • We wanted a solution to optimize our marketing campaigns on the basis of cross-channel user journey analysis. And that’s exactly what Adtriba enables us to do.

    Carolina Balzereit
    Carolina BalzereitSenior Online Marketing Manager, Bringmeister