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Marketing Measurement Matters Podcast

On Marketing Measurement Matters, we go beyond the headlines, offering our unique perspective on industry news and the ever-changing marketing measurement space. 

Get ready for insightful conversations with leading experts as we explore the intricacies of marketing attribution, user journey tracking, marketing mix modeling, incrementality testing, experiments, causal inference, marketing analytics, and marketing intelligence.

Want to listen to the podcast in real time? You can also catch us live every Thursday over on LinkedIn. Otherwise, listen back later on Spotify or YouTube.

Tune in as we share our experiences, actionable insights, and the invaluable lessons learned along the way.

Be A Guest On Our Podcast

Join us on Marketing Measurement Matters, the podcast where we speak with industry practitioners and leaders on the latest marketing measurement news, advancements, and successes. 

The podcast is hosted by János Moldvay, CEO and Co-Founder of Adtriba, Tim Kreienkamp, Chief Data Scientist at Adtriba and Dr. Tim Wiegels, Data Leadership and Strategy Freelancer.