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FC St. Pauli

Optimizing Budget Allocation with Multi-Touch-Attribution (MTA)

Find out how FC St. Pauli saved up Media Budget with the help of Adtriba's Data Driven Attribution. 

Case Study Insights

  • FC St. Pauli is a German football club with a long tradition, extremely loyal supporters and committed employees
  • In addition to advertising in SEO and social media, the marketing mix of FC St. Pauli also includes the club‘s own newsletter
  • The Soccer Club implemented Adtriba to plan a target group orientated campaign for the launch of their very first completely self produced merchandise collection

You will also learn about

  • Adtriba started to analyze FC St. Paulis‘ data using multi-touch attribution and machine learning algorithm

  • The results could be directly compared to results from the former used static models 

  • FC St. Pauli discovered severe differences, especially regarding the impact of their newsletter