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Data-driven Marketing Mix Modelling

Data-driven Marketing Mix Modelling

Marketing insights fast, simple and privacy-friendly

Find out what impact your marketing activities have on your sales and optimize your budget allocation with ease.

Allocate your budgets with confidence 
and get reliable forecasts on conversions and sales.

Integrate aggregated data from various sources in one combined view – no additional tracking required.

Take advantage of Marketing Mix Modeling algrorithms calculating cost per acquisition in each channel and giving you a forecast on conversions and sales.

Benefit from optimized media plans to help you increase marketing ROI and grow revenue.


Tracking-restrictions and platform silos make ad spend optimization super hard.

Adtriba Sphere helps marketing teams to master the challenges associated with this task.

János Moldvay

Co-Founder & CEO


Data-driven Marketing Mix Modelling

Marketing Mix Modelling

Measure real-world performance

Find out how each channel really impacts conversions and sales in one place.

  • Incrementality for all activites
  • Fully automated
  • No more data silos

Holistic measurement

Understand correlations across the board

Measure efficiency for all acitivites, incl. offline activities like OOH and TV as well social channels and external factors like weather or saisonality.

  • Online and offline acitivites
  • Including TV and print
  • Social channels
  • External non-marketing factors

Swift results

Fast and easy to use.

Get up and running within a few weeks and benefit from insights and recommendations in no time.

  • Easy and quick to implement
  • One time set-up via
  • Up-to-date insights daily


Stay in line with privacy requirements

Sphere works with aggregated data on source level, so you do not depend on tracking single users.

  • Leverages data on source level
  • No tracking infrastructure needed
  • Not impacted by IDFA deprecation, ITP or GDPR

AI-powered analytics

Get granular insights you can rely on

Sphere’s dedicated machine learning models take all details into account and help you to minimize inefficient activities

  • Source saturation
  • Marginal CPA
  • Optimization strategy

Media Planning and forecasting

Optimize and plan ahead with ease

Evaluate current performance and get exact recommendations on how to optimize your spend.

  • Optimum scenario planner
  • Forecasts
  • Smart budget recommendations
  • Ready to use media plans

Ready to get started?

Start increasing marketing ROI with holistic, data-driven marketing measurement today.