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Pixum | Ecommerce

Marketing Attribution Thrives with Server-Side Tracking

Pixum created an innovative measurement set up by combining server-side tracking and using the improved data for data-driven attribution with Adtriba.

Case Study Insights

  • As one of the leading online photo services in Germany and Europe, Pixum uses a variety of successful data-driven marketing activities 
  • Before, campaigns were mostly optimized within the respective platforms leading to deviations in reporting
  • Further, current tracking regulations led to incomplete data capture
  • Pixum got to evaluate marketing activities holistically across all channels to correctly attribute revenues to and allocate budget
  • The highest data quality and completeness was achieved through server-side tracking

The combination of both technologies gives our marketing team a significant advantage in the evaluation and control of campaigns and budget allocation.

Björn Prickartz

Head of Analytics and Conversion