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Discovering True Incrementality of Marketing Activities with “Always-On” MMM

With Adtriba’s “always-on” MMM solution, FREENOW has gained enhanced insight into the true incrementality of their marketing activities across all digital channels.


Case Study Insights

  • FREENOW improved their understanding of the true incrementality of marketing activities across all digital channels, driving optimization in their marketing campaigns
  • With Adtriba's always-on Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) solution, FREENOW gained a holistic and cross-platform view of the efficiency of all their marketing activities
  • By integrating Adtriba's solutions, FREENOW was able to cut costs significantly, optimizing their media planning based on the actual incrementality of their marketing channels

Adtriba's data-driven approach revealed the true impact of our marketing activities across all digital channels, enabling us to streamline our campaigns and significantly reduce costs.

Carlos Guatimosim

Data Scientist