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Make Data-Driven Decisions with Triangulation

Future-proof your marketing measurement with advanced triangulation strategies, for holistic and unparalleled insights to optimize marketing decisions.

Why Triangulation?

When methodologies talk to each other, you get to widen your perspective and move towards exploring diverse angles of your brand’s marketing efforts.

Triangulation isn't just a buzzword for us—it's a strategy that withstands industry changes, such as cookie deprecation and tracking regulations, and ensures you stay ahead in the dynamic marketing landscape.

Adtriba's triangulation strategies go beyond traditional methods, providing a level of accuracy that sets your marketing efforts apart. Gain insights for data-driven decisions, empowering your team to strategically allocate resources for maximum impact. 

What is Triangulation?

Triangulation in marketing measurement refers to the powerful methodology of combining multiple high-quality measurement methods to achieve a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of your marketing.

By utilizing diverse approaches, such as MMM, MTA, and incrementality testing, we ensure that insights are not reliant on a single method, minimizing biases, reducing over-reliance on any one methodology, and revealing a clearer picture of your marketing efforts.

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Elevate Your Insights, Decisions, and Adaptability

Understanding the nuances of each triangulation method is crucial for getting a holistic analysis of the whole marketing mix from robust, cross-validated insights. 

  • Marketing Mix Modeling: Uses macro and aggregated level data, great for big-picture, tactical, and strategic decisions, but lacks touchpoint sequence 
  • Multi-Touch Attribution: Leverages micro-level data and is great for operational and tactical decisions and deep insights into user journeys, but only for trackable signal.
  • Incrementality Testing: Utilizes macro or micro-level data and is useful for both operational and strategic decision-making. Calibration ensures the method aligns precisely with business objectives. Gives insights into the causality of activities but can be timely and have a high opportunity cost.  

Moving away from the limitations of singular methods, triangulation has proven transformative for brands, ensuring a reliable understanding of their marketing efforts.

János Moldvay

CEO & Co-Founder


Combination of High-quality Methods Lead Closer to the Truth

Embark on a journey toward holistic marketing transparency and say goodbye to the suboptimal usage of singular methods in isolation. 

  • Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM)
  • Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA)
  • Incrementality Testing

Discover the Science of Triangulation

Witness the integration of diverse measurement methods, including Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM), Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA), and Incrementality Testing. 

  • Holistic View
  • Future Proof 
  • Resolves Conflicting Data