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Multi Touch Attribution and UMM

Understand marketing performance on user level.

Analyze customer journeys holistically

  • Cross-device
  • Online and offline
  • Including TV attribution

Get comprehensive insights 
to push marketing efficiency to new heights.

Adtriba helps you set up a pixel- and utm-based tracking for online activities and integrates offline data for precise results of your marketing mix.

Benefit from data-driven Multi Touch Attribution and Unified Marketing Measurement and understand incremental impact of each marketing tactic.

Get the relevant metrics to optimize marketing spend and receive additonal recommendations in a simple dashboard


Accurate marketing attribution has become increasingly challenging.
Adtriba Core reduces complexity and ensures full transparency for marketing teams.

János Moldvay

Co-Founder & CEO



Multi Touch Attribution

Analyse customer journeys end-to-end

Evaluate customer journeys from start to finish incorporating all touchpoints for full transparency.

  • Cross-channel
  • Cross-device
  • Fully automated

Unified Marketing Measurement

Get the full picture on user level

Use UMM features to correlate multi-touch attribution with aggregated data. Benefit from holistic measurement of all marketing activities and find out how they resonate on individual level.

  • Social Channels
  • Offline Activities
  • TV Attribution
  • External Factors
AI-driven marketing analytics

In-depth analysis

Granular insights and precise metrics

Leverage the potential of machine learning and get accurate values for complex customer journeys with multiple touchpoints.

  • Comparison of converting and non-converting customer journeys
  • Fractional conversions
  • Time span and sequence considered
  • Including on-site events

Swift results

Fast and easy to use

Get up and running quickly with our customer service and benefit from insights and recommendations in no time.

  • Easy to implement within a few weeks
  • Highly automated and low maintenance
  • Actionable results
  • Integrates well with other tools
  • Dedicated customer support

Reliable metrics

Unbiased and holistic analytics

Go beyond data silos and biased attribution models with independent, data-driven analytics.

  • Fully transparent algorithm
  • Deduplication of conversions
  • Unbiased performance reports
AI-driven budget allocation and campaign assessment

Smart budget allocation

Evaluate channels on campaign level

Understand how each campaign drives conversions on different channels and handle budget shifts accordingly.

  • Automated cost data integration
  • Ready-to-use media plans
  • Campaign optimization on the fly

Essential features

We've got you covered

Benefit from future-proof marketing measurement with a whole range of useful features.

  • Customer Journey Report
  • Raw data export to your BI tools
  • Spend Mapper
  • Integration of CRM data
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) attribution

With Adtriba, we can understand and optimize our customer journeys better than ever before.

Martin Simon

Online Marketing Manager

lekker Energie GmbH

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