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WHITEPAPER | Tracking Regulations

How to Tackle Major Tracking Challenges in Marketing

In our Whitepaper we share our take on how the deprecation of 3rd party cookies by 2023 and decreasing cookie consent rates affect marketers and how marketing measurement will still be possible and effective moving forwards. 


  • At least 80% of digital marketing touch-points will most probably not be measured on user-level any longer, once the final sunset of 3rd party cookies

  • Cookie consent rates on webpages are decreasing and without consent we do not have any chance to see whether a user had any marketing touch-points before converting

  • Learn how these developments affect Marketing Measurement for both individual users and aggregated marketing data and how Adtriba's solution account for it

Alexander Holm

Adtriba provides innovative solutions for common marketing challenges this way marketers become independent of tracking regulations.