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awork | B2B SaaS

Moving Beyond Heuristic Attribution to Find the Truth: AI to the Rescue

Awork has successfully scaled their B2B SaaS business with Adtriba and confidently spends a six-figure monthly media budget in a highly competitive environment with high ad costs.

Case Study Insights

  • Awork is a work management solution which helps teams from various industries to plan and organise their work 
  • To grow their business awork identified three business questions to be answered about app sign ups, acquisition costs and optimal bidding
  • with the help of data-driven attribution awork was able to shift and allocate their budget in an optimal way and outbid their competition despite increasing costs on ad platforms

We could raise our bids and outbid the competition in the important placements while saving our resources on campaigns that don’t contribute as much.

Tobias Hagenau

Co-Founder & CEO