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Maximizing Impact with Incrementality Testing

Uncover the direct causal relationships, ensuring a nuanced understanding of effectiveness to drive measurable business growth.

What is Incrementality Testing?

Incrementality testing is the statistical approach to assessing the impact of a marketing activity or campaign. It shows whether introducing a new campaign had a positive, negative, or null effect and by how much. 

By comparing the behavior of a group exposed to your campaign against a control group that isn't, incrementality testing reveals the incremental lift generated by your efforts, allowing for more accurate decision-making. 

This approach enables marketers to gain precise insights into causal relationships by analyzing both test and control groups. Discover the direct impact of your marketing activities and measure the incremental lift generated to have a nuanced understanding of how their campaigns truly influence customer behavior. 

How Incrementality Testing Works

Segment your audience into a test group exposed to your marketing efforts and a control group unaffected by the campaign.

Our incrementality testing method goes beyond correlation, providing insights into the direct causal influence of your marketing efforts.

Armed with validated insights, refine your marketing strategies to focus on channels and tactics that drive measurable, incremental growth.


Incrementality testing allows our clients to optimize their marketing spend and ensure that they are achieving the highest possible return on investment. 

János Moldvay

CEO & Co-Founder



Incrementality Testing

Optimize. Validate. Grow.

Identify the incremental lift generated by your campaigns, separating true impact from existing customer behavior.

  • Strategic Decision-Making
  • Data-Driven Accuracy
  • Optimized Budget Allocation

The Science of Growth: Navigating Success with Incrementality Testing

By examining causal relationships within test and control groups, you can make data-driven decisions, optimizing resource allocation based on validated incremental insights. 

Understand the specific impact of your marketing efforts and eliminate uncertainties, guiding your business toward nuanced and data-backed growth.

  • Strategically allocate resources based on validated incremental insights
  • Gain a precise understanding of how your marketing efforts contribute to business growth
  • Validate the effectiveness of marketing channels or strategies
  • Understand how specific customer segments respond to your campaigns
  • Move beyond guesswork and use incrementality testing to eliminate uncertainties