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Segment Integration for Adtriba Attribution

Segment is the leading platform to collect, store and control customer data. It integrates with many different tools that it can send the user data to. Activating a particular tool integration is very simple through a couple of clicks. Adtriba is now one of these tools.

Segment tracks every interaction of a website’s visitors. If a user clicks a search ad and lands on a specific section of the website, then browses through different product categories and finally adds a product to the basket and orders, Segment will track and record all of these customer journey events. Segment stores this data and can then distributes it to different tools, such as Adtriba. It’s an intelligent customer data hub.

Segment + Adtriba: the easiest and quickest way to machine learning based marketing attribution

The Adtriba integration for Segment allows every user, who has Segment installed, to really easily get started with machine learning based attribution modeling.

This will give Segment users access to all Adtriba attribution reports, insights and optimization suggestions:

Optimization suggestions and performance reports

Most accurate marketing performance reporting based on advanced machine learning. Recommendations regarding budget allocation and transparency of marketing performance.

Customer Journey Analytics

In-depth understanding of the impact every marketing touchpoint has in a particular customer journey.

CLV Attribution

Insights into which marketing channels and campaigns optimize for long-term Customer-Lifetime-Value, instead of short-term single order conversion.

Cross-Channel TV Attribution

Enables understanding of how TV ads impact customer journeys and how they interact with digital marketing channels. Is Google Ads crediting itself with too many conversions, which were actually being mostly influenced by a TV ad? Adtriba allows answering such cross-media attribution questions.

Google Ads integration and optimization

Directly export back into Google Ads the actual number of conversions and revenue attributed to Google Ad campaigns. Instead of letting Google decide how many conversions it should be attributed with, independent, holistic cross-channel attribution modeling delivers the answer.

No additional tracking snippet implementation

Using Segment allows to make the customer data accessible to many different tools with smallest possible integration and implementation effort. There is no need to integrate another tracking snippet, instead the data recorded by Segment can be pushed into the integrated tools directly.

It’s seamless integration through plug-and-play with Adtriba and other tools. The Adtriba destination can be activated through the Segment dashboard, simply sign into Segment, find Adtriba and get started in just a couple of steps. No developer required.

Segment Business users additionally benefit from the replay feature: Long-time Segment customers that want to get started with Adtriba can easily load ("replay") their historic customer journey data into Adtriba, without any difficult data integration or transformation processes.

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