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How to Utilize Funnel and Adtriba to Create a Powerful Solution

We all share a common goal as marketers: to make life a little bit easier. Juggling multiple tools and moving data over and back is no joke, but it is time-consuming and often ineffective. We aim to ensure the highest possible transparency in marketing efficiency and ad spendings while keeping things simple. Our partnership with Funnel allows Adtriba users easy access to automated consolidation of data needed to analyze marketing activities. Together, we help you to future-proof your marketing efforts while keeping your data connected and organized.

So, let’s take a closer look at our partnership so you can make sense of how collaboration benefits your business. 

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What Makes Our Partnership Unique?

What sets our partnership apart is the seamless integration of Funnel’s data aggregation capabilities and Adtriba's advanced marketing measurement solutions. Together, we provide a complete marketing controlling and optimization ecosystem that empowers you with accurate, actionable insights.

Envision this: you find yourself dealing with the limited metrics and insights from Facebook and Google, often deemed as “walled gardens”. The inner workings and algorithms of these platforms remain opaque, meaning that the challenge lies in obtaining a comprehensive view of your metrics. These services are not considered fully transparent, meaning they claim user-level data for themselves, thus leading to a skewed evaluation of your marketing campaigns.

In this instance, marketers may fail to recognize the importance of considering both brand and performance marketing holistically and synergistically, opting to compare them against each other rather than understanding their complementary nature. This classic separation is no longer necessary today when looking at complex customer journeys, with leaps in the sales funnel across multiple devices and between online and offline channels, as Adidas has recently shown.

So, in this scenario, the need for an independent solution for analysis and optimization becomes obvious. However, manually consolidating and integrating, as we’ve mentioned, is a time-consuming, tedious process. But, what makes this partnership unique is that it solves this problem, now you can get a holistic view of your marketing efforts with seamless integration and automation.

How Does Funnel Integration with Adtriba Work?

We work together to give marketers an automated marketing analysis and evaluation solution with better reporting, scalability, data precision, and actionable insights. 

Funnel plays a crucial role in this synergy by ensuring standardized and automated data flows from any marketing and advertising platform. This is essential for reducing friction and making operations seamless, allowing for daily updated reports.

Cost and other aggregated data, such as view data, from any platform are efficiently and automatically merged, integrated, and presented in a comprehensible way. This “business ready” data is then provided to us, and put into our marketing measurement system. Therefore, you only need to link your platforms to Funnel once and the process starts automatically, providing a holistic view of all marketing activities in only one step - easy! 

Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 10.01.49What does this mean for you exactly? Well, the whole process of creating marketing reports just got a whole lot simpler, as you no longer need to pull data and integrate it manually. However, let’s take a closer look at some other benefits of using Adtriba and Funnel. 

Benefits of Using Adtriba + Funnel

  • Increased Accuracy: By including specific views through Unified Marketing Measurement (UMM) as an alternative to display view-through tracking, you are getting a fuller picture of your marketing efforts. This alternative, efficiently facilitated through Funnel, ensures accurate insights that might be challenging with traditional tracking methods.
  • Future-Proof Marketing: Our solutions act as a compass for staying ahead, adapting seamlessly to changes in the market. Consider it future-proofing your strategies, allowing you to stay one step ahead of industry trends and the latest technological advancements. 
  • Holistic View of Activities: With our solutions working together, you can get a comprehensive view of marketing, including digital, offline, branding, and performance growth. This holistic approach is more than data integration, it means you will have a strategic view of your marketing efforts, including a unified understanding, fostering growth and better decisions.
  • Actionable Insights: To get the most out of your marketing efforts, it’s essential to go beyond surface-level insights. The goal is to not just understand what is happening, but also why and transform your data into actionable insights that elevate your marketing strategies. For example, this might involve assessing the performance of individual ad creatives or understanding how a particular campaign influences customer engagement. The ability to drill down to such granular details empowers you to transform raw data into actionable insights, therefore refining and enhancing your overall marketing strategies by making the most of your resources.

How to Connect Funnel with Adtriba?

Streamlining your data with Adtriba and Funnel is easy, here is an overview of the steps involved. However, you will have the helping hand of our experts when it comes to it too! 

Step 1: Connect Data/Ad Platforms: The process starts with seamlessly linking your data and platforms to Funnel. 

Step 2: Set Up Dimensions in Funnel: Next in line is the configuration of dimensions within Funnel. These are tailored to align with your specific needs and goals. 

Step 3: Export to Adtriba: The synergy continues as you seamlessly export your data from Funnel to Adtriba. This export is set up for advanced marketing attribution insights so you can get the very most out of your marketing data and make impactful decisions going forward. 

Elevate Your Marketing with Simplicity

So, with that, simplicity is power. Our partnership with Funnel is your gateway to streamlined success. Say goodbye to data complexities, embrace automated consolidation, and transform insights into actions.

When people talk about 'data-driven marketing', it often means that marketing performance data and Excel spreadsheets are moved manually from one tool to another and the analysis is time-consuming due to the large data sets. Together with Funnel, we are now making it easier for Adtriba users to create marketing reports based on machine learning powered attribution by consolidating and integrating all the necessary data, thus enabling them to make better budget allocation decisions. With this cooperation, we are also setting an example for more transparency in the measurement, analysis and evaluation of marketing.

János Moldvay, CEO and Co-Founder of Adtriba.

The integration between Funnel and Adtriba is an absolutely reasonable move. Adtriba is a competitive product with demanding clients who feed their marketing data into the tool to fully exploit its benefits. The integration elegantly illustrates the value of keeping all structured marketing data in Funnel’s data core, so that it can be delivered to any app or tool where it can then be used.

Per Made, CCO and Co-Founder of Funnel.

Leverage unbiased marketing measurement with Adtriba.