How to Utilize Funnel and Adtriba to Create a Powerful Solution

To ensure the highest possible transparency of marketing efficiency and ad spendings, Adtriba has partnered with the Swedish data integration platform Funnel in late 2019. This cooperation is absolutely unique in the marketing measurement business. For marketers who rely on Adtriba, the partnership means easier and automated consolidation of the data needed to analyse marketing activities. In this article we explain how the Funnel Integration with Adtriba works.

How to utilize Funnel and Adtriba to create a powerful solution

What makes this partnership unique?

If at all, advertisers only get limited metrics and insights from advertising platforms like Facebook or Google. As so-called "walled gardens", their services are very intransparent and the generated data - especially on user level - is often claimed for themselves. This most likely leads to a difficult or even distorted evaluation of marketing campaigns. Also marketers might mistakenly play off brand- and performance marketing against each other instead of considering both holistically and synergistically. This classic separation is no longer necessary today when looking at complex customer journeys - with leaps in the sales funnel, across multiple devices and between online and offline channels - as Adidas has recently shown.

Under these circumstances the use of an independent tool for analysis and optimisation is recommended in order to accurately evaluate the data of all marketing channels holistically and in relation to each other.

But although it is possible to integrate all data from various advertising platforms when using an independent solution, the manual consolidation and integration can be tedious.

How does the Funnel Integration with Adtriba work?

The marketing measurement provider Adtriba cooperates with Funnel to jointly leverage the power of ad platforms and provide an automated marketing analysis and evaluation solution. Funnel ensures that cost and other aggregated data from any marketing and advertising platform is efficiently and automatically merged, synchronised, integrated and presented in a comprehensible way. This “business ready data” will then be provided in Adtriba's marketing measurement system. Therefore clients only need to link their platforms to funnel once and the process starts automatically, providing a holistic view of all marketing activities in only one step.

The collaboration also empowers marketers to evaluate user-level views on Facebook and all other walled gardens in a standardised and simple way via machine learning based modelling - something that has not been possible before.

Download PDF: Benefits of the Funnel Integration with Adtriba

Funnel provides customers such as Skyscanner, Havsund and Trivago with the automatic collection and aggregation of data from over 500 different data sources, transforming it into business ready information. These sources include, for example, common digital advertising platforms, CRM systems or e-mail marketing providers. The data can be sorted and combined in Funnel and then integrated into business and marketing intelligence tools or data warehouses easily.

The cooperation between Funnel and Adtriba simplifies the whole process of creating marketing reports, as marketers no longer have to pull data from a platform and integrate it into an analysis or reporting tool themselves.

When people talk about 'data-driven marketing', it often means that marketing performance data and Excel spreadsheets are moved manually from one tool to another and the analysis is time-consuming due to the large data sets. Together with Funnel, we are now making it easier for Adtriba users to create marketing reports based on machine learning powered attribution by consolidating and integrating all the necessary data, thus enabling them to make better budget allocation decisions. With this cooperation, we are also setting an example for more transparency in the measurement, analysis and evaluation of marketing.

János Moldvay, CEO and Co-Founder of Adtriba.

The integration between Funnel and Adtriba is an absolutely reasonable move. Adtriba is a competitive product with demanding clients who feed their marketing data into the tool to fully exploit its benefits. The integration elegantly illustrates the value of keeping all structured marketing data in Funnel’s data core, so that it can be delivered to any app or tool where it can then be used.

Per Made, CCO and Co-Founder of Funnel.

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