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Why UMM Is The Next Level In Marketing Attribution

How to merge online and offline marketing with the help of unified marketing measurement. And why marketing mix modeling and multi-touch attribution is no longer sufficient, to reflect the reality of our cross-channel world.

What Is Unified Marketing Measurement (UMM)?

Unified marketing measurement (UMM) is the next step in the marketing measurement journey. Learn why it's crucial for marketing managers and what it means to bridge the gap between online marketing and traditional media.

How to Attribute to the Right Channel

In this video you will learn, why affiliate or retargeting unfairly profiting from the performance of other marketing channels and how to solve this.

Accounting for Time Differences Between Touchpoints

In this video you will learn why accounting for time differences between marketing touchpoints is important.

Marketing Attribution And Survivorship Bias

In this video you will learn, what bombers shot down during World War II have to do with customer journey analysis and marketing attribution.

How Adtriba's Machine Learning Algorithm Works

Adtriba is a SaaS solution for marketing attribution, customer journey analysis and cross channel management. This screencast explains Adtriba's attribution algorithm.