UTM Link Manager



Monitor your UTM links’ performance

Create links that don’t break

Say goodbye to tedious spreadsheets

Free of charge


UTM links conversions


 Keep all your UTM links in one place

 Filter and sort your links

 Create fail-safe links

 No more spreadsheets

 Use it for free forever

Two steps and you’re good to go!

1. Track existing campaign links
We can detect your existing campaign links and track their clicks and conversions. Simply integrate our tracking snippet into your site. It may take a few hours to retrieve the data.

2. Create campaign links
Creating a campaign link is fast, easy, and fail-safe. Simply fill out the fields in the pop-up window to add a link to your list of campaign links. A dummy link is listed as an example – you can delete it at any time.

UTM link creator


Is the UTM campaign manager really all for free?

Yes, no hidden costs. We have other paid features for marketing attribution, but you can use the campaign link manager for free forever.

Why use AdTriba’s UTM link manager?

Writing UTM links manually is very error-prone. With our UTM manager, your links are always correct and you can monitor how their perform. And this won’t cost you a cent.

Why do I need to integrate the snippet into my site?

You probably have used UTM links before and you may even have a lot of them. The snippet detects your campaign links so that you don’t have to enter them manually. And of course, that means you don’t forget any of them either!

Where can I find the snippet then?

Just click on setting in the top left corner. You will be taken straight to the snippet code to copy into your website. Alternatively, you can forward it to whoever has access to your site’s source code.

How do I create a link with a different domain name?

Each project is dedicated to one domain. You can create a new project with a different domain by clicking on the database icon in the top right corner, then “Create Project” in the drop-down menu.

Where can I change the name of my project or the domain name?

You can edit your settings anytime. Simply click on “Settings” in the top left corner, then on the “General” tab. You can change the name of your project and/or the domain.

How can I track several domains?

Our UTM manager relies on the concept that one project tracks one domain URL. However, you can create as many projects as you wish! In the top right corner of your dashboard, click on the database icon, then on “Create Project” in the drop-down menu. This is also where you can switch from a project to another.

Why don’t I have any links yet?

After copying your tracking snippet, it may take a few hours until your existing UTM links are detected. Once a link has been clicked, it will be listed on your dashboard.

Why don’t the click/conversion graphs show any activity?

The graphs show your links’ activities over the past 30 days. Any activities from before copying the tracking snippet into your website will not be displayed.

It could also mean that a particular link is inactive or dead. If this link is no longer relevant to you, you can delete it using the bin icon on the same line.

Why is it for free? How does AdTriba use my tracking data?

The UTM link manager is a way to make AdTriba and its paid version known to digital marketing managers around the world. The data collected through the tracking codes will only be used for providing the UTM link manager service and it will never be sold to third parties: More about it in our Privacy Policy.