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Optimizing cross-channel campaigns with data-driven attribution

Learn how FTI Touristik improved its user experience and saved marketing budget.

Case Study Insights

  • FTI Touristik has been using Adtriba for customer journey analyses and data-driven attribution modelling since 2017. Previously, the company mainly used a last-click attribution, which for example resulted in the following challenges:
  • Lack of transparency about how much each individual online marketing campaign contributes to sales in a cross-channel context
  • Campaign evaluation without taking into account the customer journey and the interactions between the marketing channels

You will also learn about

  • After two weeks, the team of FTI Touristik had the first customer journey insights and thus optimisation potential. The following insights amongst others can be recorded:
  • The performance of metasearch cam-paigns and bookings through affiliates using travel vouchers are evaluated in a much more differentiated way
  • 70% of conversions attributed to affiliates through a last-click view cannot be confirmed according to the Adtriba attribution model

Detailed insights regarding our customer journeys and precise evaluation of our marketing channels enable us to continuously improve our marketing ROI, thanks to Adtriba.

Carolin Kobelt

Web Analyst

FTI Touristik