Adtriba’s New Feature #3: Export your Adtriba conversions into AdWords

Adtriba’s New Feature #3: Export your Adtriba conversions into AdWords
April 13, 2017 János Moldvay

The last feature we rolled out in this batch of updates is the possibility to export Adtriba conversion data into your AdWords account. What does it mean? It means all the values our machine learning has generated can be input in your AdWords campaigns, and this will make them more accurate than ever. And more accuracy means better ROI.

Where do I start?

First things first, go to your AdWords account. In the Tools menu, select Conversions to add a new source – you guessed it – Adtriba. Thanks to Google AdWords’ API, this will be done live and effortlessly.

conversions (1)

Now that you have your data connected you can see you AdTriba conversions in AdWords. All you have to do is customize your columns. Simply click on Columns and Modify columns. Then select the lowest option, Custom columns, and pick Adtriba.


Well, it looks like we’re done already!


Your Adtriba conversions are now displayed as part of your campaigns. For the sake of clarity, you may want to display the right data in the Conversion column. Go back to the Tools menu, then Conversions to edit your Conversion actions. Click on the name and edit accordingly to include (or not) in Conversions.
Make sure only AdTriba Conversions are included in this column (excluding all other sources from the Conversions column) or you will end up with tampered data.

includedinconversions (1)

That was a fair bit of setting up and clicking but you are done! This way your bidding strategies in AdWords directly work on the basis of cross-channel attributed conversions values from AdTriba. If you work with Google’s machine learning based bidding strategies (Target CPA, Target ROAS and Enhanced CPC) these algorithms would optimize directly on the cross-channel, multi-touch attribution values from Adtriba.