About AdTriba

AdTriba, what is it?

AdTriba is a marketing intelligence service provider. It offers multi-touch attribution modeling and advertising insights based on customer-journey analysis for companies and agencies to maximize their advertising spending.

The company was founded by János Moldvay and Ludwig Ostrowski in November 2015. After identifying a lack of affordable and independent attribution modeling solutions, the two data scientists joined forces to start AdTriba – a B2B service powered by big data and artificial intelligence.

What can AdTriba do for my business?

If you run online or TV advertising campaigns, AdTriba is a tool for you to make the best of these. In a nutshell, AdTriba helps you spend less on advertising while increasing the efficiency of your ads.

With our dashboard, you can track the various touchpoints your potential clients go through before becoming actual clients. You can then identify the weak spots of your campaigns, as well as the strengths that drive most revenue.

Understanding AdTriba with a 1-minute video

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